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Introduction to Checkout

Checkout lets your users initiate instant bank payments directly within your application.

Why is this useful?#

Now your users can pay you directly - with a good ol' bank transfer, without leaving your application.

  • ⚡ It's fast️: Payments go directly into your bank account. No settlement wait times, just like a regular bank transfer.
  • 🔐 It’s secure: With Checkout, we never store or share your user's internet banking passwords. That's between them & their bank.
  • 🤝 It’s perfect for P2P: With Checkout, your users can pay other users directly. You can have users transfer to any bank account, not just yours. This eliminates the need for P2P users to trust each other. Sendcash Pay will notify you of successful payments.

Fiat to crypto#

If you want to accept Naira and [immediately] convert to crypto, you should consider using the Sendcash Checkout + Buycoins API. With this API:

  • You can programmatically generate payment links.
  • Your users can be navigated to this URL, via a webview or any other means.
  • Upon completing the payment, your Buycoins NGNT balance gets increased.
  • You can then use the Buycoins Trading API to convert NGNT to any of our 20+ supported cryptocurrencies & stock tokens.


You can try out Sendcash Checkout below: